Our Recommended PC and Server Requirements for Running Act!
June 3, 2008
Adding Custom Help Documents to ACT! Help Menu
October 21, 2008

Problems with Act! Upgrade or Act! Software Installation

Did you recently install the Act! software or Upgrade Act! from a previous version?  Are you noticing some things that just don’t seem to be working correctly?  Here are the most common problems that occur when an Act! Upgrade or Installation did not go as well as planned.  It’s important to note that sometimes there isn’t an error that pops up during the installation or conversion process that’s causing the issue.  There could be a step in the instructions that was skipped or you could have another piece of software on your PC interfering with the Act! Software.

Here are the common problems:
Installation or Upgrade procedure didn’t finish.
     Solution:  Start a completely fresh installation or upgrade – do not try to reconvert the same Act! database!  If you do it will be very painful and extremely frustrating.

Computer froze during the installation or upgrade process.
     Solution:  Start a completely fresh installation or upgrade – check that your PC and Server meet OUR recommended requirements for Act! before continuing.  Don’t go with it what it says on the side of the cereal box, look at our requirement, RAM is cheap and Speed Rules!

Email is not working properly – ex. you pull up a contact and click on their email address and it doesn’t open a new blank email for the contact.  Also, you might be sending emails and expecting Act! to attach the email to the contact record so you can simply click on the email history item to launch the email but there is no link back to the email.
Solution:  Your Act! settings for email are not configured properly.

Notes and History are missing from new database.
     Solution:  Database was not converted correctly – Start a completely fresh installation or upgrade – do not try to reconvert the same Act! database!

Act! is running slowly or has Act! has poor performance.
     Solution:  Several things could be causing the poor performance, hardware not being up to the recommended requirements (Check OUR recommendations for processing power, remember Speed Rules….) and conflicts with other software applications, this one should be dealt with by a professional, call an Act! Certified Consultant.  When properly installed on a computer that has the required processing power the Act! software does NOT run slowly or perform poorly – it has a very good response time when configured properly.