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September 30, 2011
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The Ultimate Husband and Wife Calendar….. Sharing Work Life with Home Life

Married couples everywhere have been searching for this feature forever. It’s amazing that Microsoft has still failed to address this issue in a way that is convenient and affordable for people in business that would like to not maintain two calendars – one for their work life and one for their home life. Over the last few years Google has done a much better job with this nerve wracking issue with their shared calendars. Users can use a system that lets you essentially ‘push-botton’ or toggle your work calendar or home calendar on or off. You can see one or the other or both. It works fairly well and will also send the information down to your mobile device. If you are using the Android operating system, there is almost no effort involved in seeing the combination of the calendars on your mobile device, complete with color coding, as you would see in your browser. So why did I say it works ‘fairly well’ if it uses a push button system and it works on your mobile device – and it’s FREE?

Enter from stage left the Ultimate Husband and Wife Calendar: Sage ACT! Contact Manager sync’ed with Google via Gmail. What does Google’s shared calendars not have that the combination has?
– A sophisticated system for marketing to your business contacts
– The ability to tie a contact name to a meeting, conference call etc., sounds basic, it’s not. While you have someone on the phone you decide to meet on Tuesday, you simply schedule an appointment with who you had on the phone [it knows] and pick a time
– Ability to convert an email with details into an appointment or scheduled phone call at a specific time

So imagine this – this is a real life possibility – You receive an email from a customer that sets and agenda for a dinner meeting next week on Thursday, not only can you see your family calendar to determine if you need to take your son to his soccer practice, you confirm via email and convert the Outlook email to an appointment on your calendar with one button and it automatically blocks out your time so your husband/wife knows he/she can’t move one of her appointments that require you to be at home to make dinner that night. And you don’t have to buy extra software for your husband/wife or teach him/her how to use it – the partner is just using Google’s shared calendar. It goes beyond with Microsoft and Google can do on their own OR combined. If you need to see it in action, call us.