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September 7, 2011
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My ACT! Database File is very large – Enormous ACT! Database File – Growing ACT! Database File

We have a separate blog post about Large ACT! Backup files, this post pertains to an ACT! database file that is growing rapidly or much too large for the number of contacts that are in the database. How did you find out? You may have stumbled on it but an over-sized ACT! database file will make the database run slower or cause other data issues. How did it get that way, you ask?

If it’s not related to overall file attachment sizes then another area to look is to check if there are old sync users [remote database users] that are no longer in use but never had their sync disabled. If the old sync files are sitting around the ACT! database is continuing to accumulate data on all of the changes to contacts, notes, history etc. that have not been released to the remote database that is no longer in use – the result, a massively growing tumor attached to your ACT! database that will bloat the size of the ACT! data file.

Remedy: Disable the old sync’s so the database doesn’t keep tracking the changes and things should return to normal. If the file size does not reduce immediately, call a Certified ACT! Consultant or the Sage support line.