Backup & Restore ACT! 6 Database
June 3, 2008
Problems with Act! Upgrade or Act! Software Installation
June 3, 2008

Our Recommended PC and Server Requirements for Running Act!

As with a lot of software, Act! has a recommended minimal requirement for the PC or Server on which you will be running the software.  If the Act! software is running slowly or performing poorly, there is a problem in one or more of the following areas:

1) The PC or Server does not have enough horsepower.

2) The software was not installed correctly and probably needs to be reinstalled.

3) There are other software programs conflicting with the Act! software and as soon as you work through the conflicts, the Act! software will begin zipping from screen to screen.

Here are Compu-Tutor’s recommendation for running Act! on a PC or Server:

1) PC’s should have an absolute minimum of 1Gig of RAM, but we recommend running 2Gig of RAM.  RAM is Cheap and Speed rules when it comes to software, just do it!  Remember not to rub your feet on the carpet when holding the RAM, you’ll zap it before it ever gets into your computer.  We recommend visiting for determining what RAM is available for your PC – it will scan your PC, tell you how much RAM you can put in and it will let you order it right from their site.

2) Servers should have a min of 4Gigs of RAM, yes we know Act! says you need less, scroll up and read – RAM is Cheap etc….

3) Using a PC as a Server for installs with more than 2 or 3 people is not a good idea.  Many installs in the last decade were configured with a fast PC acting as an Act! Server, we do not recommend doing this because of potential problems that it is going to cause.  People with this configuration always call our Help Desk more often and have longer resolution efforts than people that do it properly.  A smaller end RAID 1 configuration Server with a backup method running Windows 2003 Server or above (not Windows Small Business Server) is the recommended configuration.

4) Do not run Act! on a wireless network.  Let us explain in more detail – DO NOT run Act! on a wireless network.  Can it be done, yes.  Is it a good idea, NO.  There is a tremendous amount of data that goes back and forth between a PC and the server, the data transfer is going to slow down other processes on the wireless network and make Act! perform poorly.  Exceptions to this rule:  running a standalone version of Act! on a PC and the data sits on the same PC – even though wireless, will not be a problem; running a wireless connection through Terminal Services to an Act! server – should perform ok, not great but ok; networks with very little other traffic happening (still haven’t seen one of these in a company running Act!) would be ok.

5) Connecting to Act! via a VPN connection is not recommended.  The overhead of the VPN typically kills the Act! connection and causes the application to perform poorly.  There are other methods of connecting into an Act! database including Terminal Services, Configuring a Port for Act! traffic, and Act! for Web.  An Act! Certified Consultant should be contacted for all three of these types of connectivity.