ACT Level 1- Everything You Need to Know About How to Use ACT!

Course Specifications

Course number: ACT13-101
Course length: 1.0 day(s)

Course Description

Business contacts and information need to be properly maintained so that you can access or modify them whenever required. ACT! is a contact management system that will help you work with your business contacts, manage events, track related communications, and enhance your business relationships significantly.


To ensure your success, it is required that you have basic PC skills and an understanding of Microsoft® Windows®.

Performance-Based Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • explore ACT!
  • create and manage a contact database
  • organize contacts
  • work with calendars and activities
  • organize sales opportunities
  • use the ACT! word processor to create documents you can use to communicate with contacts

Course Content

Lesson 1: Exploring ACT!

  • Topic 1A: Explore and Navigate the ACT! Interface
  • Topic 1B: Access ACT! Help

Lesson 2: Managing a Contact Database

  • Topic 2A: Create a Contact Database
  • Topic 2B: Add Contacts to a Contact Database
  • Topic 2C: Lookup Contacts in a Database
  • Topic 2D: Universal Search
  • Topic 2E: Scratch Pad
  • Topic 2F: Edit Contacts
  • Topic 2G: Sort Contacts
  • Topic 2H: Print an Address Book
  • Topic 2I: Generate Contact Reports

Lesson 3: Organizing Contacts

  • Topic 3A: Create Companies from Contacts
  • Topic 3B: Group Contacts
  • Topic 3C: Manage Contact Groups
  • Topic 3D: Generate Group Reports

Lesson 4: Working with Calendars

  • Topic 4A: Work with Calendar Views
  • Topic 4B: Schedule Activities
  • Topic 4C: Manage Activities
  • Topic 4D: Look Up Annual Events
  • Topic 4E: Work in the Task List View
  • Topic 4F: Print a Calendar

Lesson 5: Organizing Sales Opportunities

  • Topic 5A: Create Sales Opportunities
  • Topic 5B: Assign Multiple Contacts to an Opportunity
  • Topic 5C: Look Up Contact Activity

Lesson 6: Working with the Word Processor

  • Topic 6A: Create a Document
  • Topic 6B: Edit a Document
  • Topic 6C: Format a Document
  • Topic 6D: Check Spelling
  • Topic 6E: Attach Documents