April 18, 2011

Act! 2011 Slowness When Clearing Activities or Calendar Items

It has been reported that Act! 2011 users are having significant slowness when trying to clear activities from the task list and from the calendar.  The […]
July 23, 2009

Incredibly Long File Name in Act! Folder

Have you noticed an incredibly wrong file name in one or more of your Act Contact Manager File Folders?  If so, you could wind up in […]
October 21, 2008

Adding Custom Help Documents to ACT! Help Menu

Adding Custom Help Documents to ACT! Help Menu You can add your own custom help documents (PDF, MS WORD, EXCEL) to the ACT! 2007 Premium Help Menu NOTE:  […]
June 3, 2008

Problems with Act! Upgrade or Act! Software Installation

Did you recently install the Act! software or Upgrade Act! from a previous version?  Are you noticing some things that just don’t seem to be working […]
June 3, 2008

Our Recommended PC and Server Requirements for Running Act!

As with a lot of software, Act! has a recommended minimal requirement for the PC or Server on which you will be running the software.  If […]
June 3, 2008

Backup & Restore ACT! 6 Database

The most common and potentially most costly mistake that the owner of an Act! 6 database can make is not properly backing up their database.  We receive numerous […]